Saturday, January 23, 2010

.9 AWAY!

OK - I am back - YES - AGAIN!

I have just found out that I am offiically .9 away from 200 - YAHOOO!!!! That is 10 pounds - GONE!!! Rach said that I was looking "slim" but I didn't believe her! BUT I guess she was RIGHT!

SOOOO FRIGGIN CLOSE to 200 - I just need to get under it - that will make me work soooo hard!

I have been so sick - so that is my excuse - really - not the greatest way to lose weight but let's not lose the distance we have covered!
With that said - 10 gone - 40 more to go - FOCUS! It has to be this week! I am going to be working soooo much - YES at the 'gym' but no real gym to work out in??!! SUCKS EH?

But that is OK - my troops will get me a pass to the 'competitor' and we will work out - that is the goal - HOT AND SEXY for JULY!!! Then even more for October! ;o)

K - just had to tell someone - and I know someone will be out there .... RIGHT??!!!

Luv MEL :o)

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